Fall 2018 — Syllabus JOUR 498

Ethnic Media and Collaborative Journalism in the Digital Age

Professor Daniela Gerson | Email: daniela.gerson@csun.edu
Office Hours: Wednesday 1:30–3:30pm | MZ 332

Links for class
- Final project: Ethnic Media Report
- Ethnic media LA database
- Class Google doc

Class schedule (subject to change!)
All assignments are due at 10am the Tuesday prior to class unless otherwise noted. You will lose points for late submissions.

Week 1: 8.29
Introduction: Overview of course structure and assignments, examples of how we will look at digital developments, and selecting communities for your final projects.

Links to sample final projects:

Los Angeles Sentinel (African American)
India West
Asbarez (Armenian)
Balitang America (Filipino)
La Opinión (Latino)

Week 2: 9.5
Read: “One Nation with News for All” Washington Post
Read: A Parallel Chinese-Language Internet Los Angeles Times
Submit: Reading questions in Canvas.

Review database of LA immigrant press (link) and write your name next to at least three news outlets you want to investigate. Feel free to add some on the bottom too if there are ones you know about that are missing.

Class Topics: What is ethnic media and how are digital shifts changing it? Intro to Medium.

Class links:
- Voices of New York

Week 3: 9.12
Read How to use Medium

Medium post: Create a 200-word Medium profile, introducing yourself.

Write about your experiences with ethnic or immigrant press, why you have chosen the media outlet you want to focus on, and the community that interests you. Embed at least one image and one tweet, video, map, and FB post from the outlet.

Example: https://medium.com/@dhgerson/reading-yiddish-5d053c223a7c#.aisodyd91 (Note, this is only part of the assignment.)

Class Topics: Review of Medium, peer editing, exploring different experiences with ethnic media.

Week 4: 9.19
1. Read What is Ethnic Media? This is academic writing (and a slightly tricky photocopying job by me), but work through it — it will create a framework for the course.

2. Answer questions about reading on Canvas.

3. Edit and revise your initial Medium post including why your outlet fits the definition in the reading for ethnic media for extra credit

4. Visit an ethnic restaurant for the group you’re investigating. Ask there which media outlets people look to for news. Observe what is available and ask at least three people of the ethnic group who are there. Take photos and write their responses in a Medium post.

Topic: Defining immigrant vs ethnic press, figuring out categories.

Week 5: 9.26

1. Visit an ethnic community that you think reads the outlet you’re planning to cover and interview three people about the news outlets they read. Publish on Medium with photos and a map embedded. Submit link on Canvas.

2. Identify one story about immigration enforcement or demographics from the ethnic media you are following. Submit on Canvas.

Topic: History of ethnic media and how it’s changing.

Week 6: 10.3


Matsaganis, M. (2016) New York’s Ethnic Media in the Digital Age. City University of New York.

Review the websites of the site you have chosen to follow. What examples can you find of digital transformations like the ones mentioned in the article?

Topic: Ethnic media in the digital age, introducing final projects

Week 7: 10.10
Ethnic Media and Collaborations.

Read at least two examples from below of final project work.

Submit on Canvas: How do you think a mainstream reporter could collaborate with your outlet? Cite at least one specific example based on the reading.

Topic: Collaborations, Introducing your Final Project

Week 8: 10.17
Read: “Univision’s Urgent Sense of Purpose: A Newsroom and a Lifeline.” New York Times.


Check out: http://www.univision.com/noticias/huracan-maria/encuentra-informacion-actualizada-de-tu-pueblo-en-este-buscador-de-puerto-rico

(English is at the bottom.)

Tweet two questions about the readings to Ana Elena Apurua, digital journalist at Univision by 10am Tuesday.

Put the links to the tweets on Canvas.

Topic: Looking for international media developments

Week 9: 10.24
The new face of digital ethnic media?
Guest lecture from Scott Lamb, VP International BuzzFeed (potential)

Tweet two questions to Scott Lamb by 9am Monday based on reviewing his newsletter and bio.

How are these digital-first ethnic media outlets different from the immigrant media outlets we have reviewed?

Week 10: 10.31
Submit social media/ engagement initiative from your outlet

Week 11: 11.7
Neutrality and ethnic media

Close reads and summaries from your news outlets of three stories that touched on immigration issues.


Diasporic media. Skype-talk with guest Liana Aghajanian, founder/editor of Ianyan.

Assignment: Read Liana’s bio here. Check out Ianyan mag and her latest project, Dining in Diaspora. Tweet two questions based on what you’ve read to Liana by 9 a.m. 11/15 and submit the links on Canvas. Liana’s Twitter can be found here.
(p.s. You should all be completing your interviews for your final project this week.)

Week 12: 11.14
Assignments: Two students will do final presentation
You should all be completing your interviews for your final project this week.

Week 13: 11.21
Three students will do final presentation
Assignment: Submit on Canvas at least one takeaway you had from each of today's presentations (three total).
Interviews for your final projects should be completed by now.

Week 14: 11.28 Three students will do final presentation.
Assignment: Submit on Canvas at least one takeaway you had from each of today's presentations (three total).

Week 15: 12.5 Two students will do final presentation.
Assignment: Submit on Canvas at least one takeaway you had from each of today's presentations (two total).
Reflections on ethnic media moving forward

Final ethnic media report due at 5pm on 5.7.

Ass’t Prof @CSUNJournalism and Co-creator #MigratoryNotes. Subscribe for free: https://bit.ly/2tkethJ @dhgerson

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